At Least 42 People Shot at Short-Term Rentals across U.S. in Last 6 Months*

Please approve the Written Consent to amend our CC&Rs and restrict rentals to a term of 30 days or more.

Out of consideration for the safety and peaceful enjoyment of our "True Neighbors", the Written Consent needs your approval. Short-term rental owners are protecting their property rights not ours. Many refuse to follow our HOA's simple rule to submit accurate tenant registrations.  They complain about the HOA legal fees, but they originate lawsuits against the HOA; (current lawsuit - Free and Clear). Our property rights have been taken away by many of these short-term rentals in the name of profits by investors, some who rarely even visit our community.

Issues to be considered

Undesirable behavior

No one bought their home to be harassed by transient tenants who constantly party, drink and even urinate off decks in clear view of neighboring homes, as witnessed by neighbors in our community. The crude harassing comments made by one short term rental owner, to the Board and homeowners in public meetings,  is not only unfounded but unprofessional and represents an image of Continental Country Club that should not be tolerated by homeowners.

Property damage

Continental Country Club Short Term Rental Owners at the June 23, 2020 Board Meeting, held on Zoom,  openly stated that they are experiencing damage/crime to their properties in our community.  One short term rental owner stated they felt this was vigilante behavior by homeowners, to which there was confirmation by the other STR owners on the call.  This increase in crime should raise concerns for all homeowners.  The accusations against neighbors is devisive, sad and destructive to our community. 

As far as short-term rentals increasing revenues...

Take a look at our May 2020 financials for Continental Country Club.  Our revenues are exceeding the prior year by  $157,748 - surprising considering the negative impact the pandemic has had on AirBnB and VRBO.  Do they really help our revenues?  We highly doubt the few dollars they might bring in offsets the cost the HOA expends.  (You will note they have never been able to quantify the benefit to the HOA by a reputable, certified, experienced third independent party.) Draw your own conclusions.

National Recognition & Elimination of the Problem   

This is national crisis forcing municipalities, towns and HOAs to eliminate the harmful impacts and nuisances of STRs in their communities. Continental Country Club needs to follow suit and eliminate STRs in our community.

Negative Impacts of Short-Term Rentals

None of us bought here to live next to a motel    

Homeowners want neighbors, NOT transient tenants. Homeowners have filed repeated complaints to the Board and HOA staff over the years as the number of Short-Term Rentals (STRs) has increased in Continental. There is no reason to let a minority of STR owners wag the tail of the dog, continually profiting at the expense of their neighbors’ quality of life.

Threat exists for an STR to move in next door to anyone at anytime

Until STRs are eliminated, the threat exists for all of us. Transition to an STR can be by sale of property, overnight conversion, addition of 3-4 bedrooms or complete tear-down and rebuild into a micro-hotel.

Diminished quality of life

Long-term impacts of allowing STRs to continue to thrive in Continental include reduced property values, threats to personal safety, disruption of peaceful living and home ownership enjoyment, damage to the residential character of our neighborhood and the destruction of the fabric and spirit of our community. Here are some links to read that support these impacts: 42 People Shot in 6 Months at Short-Term Rentals  ,  HOA Best PracticesCrashing The Neighborhood Horror Stories Short Term Rentals

Ongoing nuisances, safety issues and violations continue

Photos, online advertising, tenant reviews, police reports, HOA staff monitoring, homeowner complaint emails and letters, homeowner statements at Board meetings continue to confirm the violations, nuisances and safety issues these STRs create in our community. These include unreasonably large rental groups, continuous turnover of transient tenants, excessive noise, concerns of personal and family safety, frequent late night parties, uncontained trash, trespassing, bonfires, fireworks, uncontrolled children and loose pets.

These are OUR neighborhoods, not transient tenant playgrounds  

Homeowners want neighbors, not transient tenants. Homeowners object to strangers occupying residences, roaming our streets, bringing their party atmosphere and undesirable, rude and often vulgar behaviors to OUR neighborhoods. Transient tenants have no vested interest, no pride of ownership and do not add value or contribute to our community. STR owner responses to fixing the problems they create are callous, ignorant or dismissive.

Unmanaged daily and hourly rental of properties

No property managers on site means no definitive confirmation to the number or identity of transient tenants actually occupying the property. Neighbors and the HOA staff are left to monitor, report and plead for accountability and change. Dangerous strangers are a real possibility given what has been seen across the country.

Accountability is ignored and wasting HOA resources

Attempts to hold all STRs accountable a) to our CC&Rs, b) renting to only a Single Family, c) to submit Tenant Registration Forms and d) follow new Rules and Regulations for rentals have not resolved the continuing violations and ongoing homeowner complaints. We continue to spend a significant amount of effort and money trying to unsuccessfully control and babysit a minority of properties. This is a wasteful use of HOA resources and homeowners’ money.

* San Francisco Chronicle Nov 6, 2019 Anna Bauman and Alejandro Serrano